The State of Outbound 2023


Trends, insights, and strategies you'll need to secure meetings with decision-makers and executives in 2023.

The avg. cold email reply rate is less than 1% (Clearbit). And the avg. cold call conversion rate is 1.48% (Gong).

We’ve shared these two data points many times before. There ain’t no way around it: outbound is a tough game right now. Especially with the current economic downturn.

But if you’re like many reps and sales leaders, you might be wondering...

“What the heck am I supposed to do with this data? What should I really care about? And what’s total bullshit?”

If you hate data without actionable tips and strategies, you’ll love this webinar. We're going to share trends and predictions for 2023 in these four areas:

1. The amount of pipeline Account Executives will need to self-source from outbound to hit and surpass quota

2. How SDR/BDR teams are trending in quota attainment, activity, and ramp time so can see how you stack up

3. Shifts you need to make in your contact strategy to land meetings with busy executives (state of cold calling, cold email, social selling, sequencing/cadences, and direct mail)

4. How sales enablement teams will need to evolve their content and delivery to reduce attrition, shorten ramp time, and drive quota attainment

We’ll incorporate data from the Bridge Group, Gong, Chorus, Wingman, Gartner, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Salesloft, Orum, Sendoso, Pavillion, and many more.

You’ll walk away with insights you can use to hit the ground running and have a kick ass 2023.


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Our Speakers

jason bay, outbound squad

Jason Bay

Founder & CEO @ Outbound Squad

Nick Cegelski

Nick Cegelski

Founder @ 30 Minutes to President’s Club


Kevin "KD" Dorsey

Sales Leadership Practice Lead & Advisor @ Winning By Design