Steal ZoomInfo’s Cold Email Formula

There are three very hard truths about cold email right now:

1) The avg. cold email reply rate is ~1% (ZoomInfo)
2) Prospects spend only 10.4 seconds reading emails they open (Statista)
3) 162 billion spam emails are sent daily

The other companies in your category are not your direct competitors. You’re competing with all the solicitations, internal emails, and JUNK your prospects get sent every single day. 

Not to mention—attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

So what does it take for a cold email to stand out in 2024?

Mobile optimized: 75 words or less, 1-2 sentences per paragraph
Short subject lines: Under 5 words performs the best
Well-researched & personalized: 1,000%+ (literally) boost in reply rates when personalized
Flow: Everything needs to connect well together
CTA: Short, succinct call to action that’s easy to reply to
You’ll walk away with plenty of examples and a cold email framework you can start using right away.

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Meet our speakers

Colby Hogan
Corporate Account Executive,
Jen Allen-Knuth
Jason Bay
Founder & CEO,
Outbound Squad™