The R.E.P.L.Y. Method:

Steal this simple framework for 10%+ cold email reply rates

There are two very hard truths about cold emails right now:

1) The number of touches it takes to get a hold of prospects goes up every year
2) The number of meetings the average rep secures through outbound goes down every year

The average reply rate to a cold email is less than 1% (Clearbit)

Your #1 competitor is NOT the company you compete against the most on deals. And it’s not the “status quo” either.

You’re competing with every salesperson and marketer sending emails, LinkedIn messages, and making calls to your prospects. It’s a competition to capture attention. 5 seconds here. 10 seconds there. Enough to give you a chance.

So what does it take to get your cold emails to breakthrough?

It’s not about personalizing more. In fact, over-personalizing your cold emails doesn’t lead to better results.

It’s about the quality of your message. And how efficiently you can find the right insights about your prospects to mention in your outreach.

And I’m here to give you a repeatable framework to accomplish just that.

What to expect from this free training:

  • What it takes to make your cold emails cut through the noise
  • How to use boring subject lines to get 40%+ open rates
  • What it takes to get double-digit reply rates
  • The R.E.P.L.Y. Method framework for quickly crafting effective emails
  • What “personalization at scale” is in theory vs. application

Download the worksheets below for the R.E.P.L.Y Method template and more..

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