Cold Email Breakdowns: The good, the bad & the ugly

How to cold email:

Old way

  • Get a list of every prospect’s email in your total addressable market
  • Send the same generic product pitch to every prospect regardless of their role or company
  • .25 - .5% conversion rate of emails sent into meetings
  • Lose credibility and piss your entire market off

New Way

  • Find pockets with your total addressable market and segment by role, industry, triggers, use cases, niches, etc.
  • Customize the message to address your prospect’s priorities and problems; add relevance to personalize for the individual where possible
  • 3-10%+ conversion rate of emails sent into meetings
  • Position you and your company as givers not takers

Quality-First > Mass blast every day of the week.

Millie Beetham from ZoomInfo and Gerald Casaletto from Reveneer are joining us to break down some cold emails.

We’ll talk about the current state of cold email and break down good vs. bad examples.

Download the worksheets below for cold email breakdowns and more..

Download Recording & Worksheets